Monday, September 15, 2008's Monday all right!!!

Well, today started as any normal day would. We all got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, sent daddy on his way to work and away we went with our day. I spent some time taking turns between cleaning, playing with the kids and refereeing the fights. Layna has had a minor rash on the left side of her torso and on her left arm. It doesn't seem like anything to be alarmed by, but we are heading out-of-town Thursday for 10 days, so I decided to make her a doctor's appointment just to make sure everything is ok. I would hate to have to go to the doctor in a different state.

Fast forward a little to lunch time. While the kiddos are eating, I decide to make a list of errands to do after nap time. The list consisted of...

1. Allergy shots for me
2. Layna's doctor's appointment
3. Walgreen's for passport photos...we are applying for Layna's new COC (Certificate of Citizenship)
4. Grocery store for milk

Why am I telling you all this? Have I put all of you to sleep yet? Where am I going with this? You will see...

So, I put the kids to bed for nap and start getting some paperwork ready for Layna's Dr. appointment. I have to update them with Layna's name change and the new insurance card reflecting the name change. Once all the paperwork is ready, I called Matt to confirm that I can use the new insurance card. While I am on the phone with him, I remember that my purse is in the car...

Do you know where this is going now???

So, I head out to the car to get my purse only to find out the car is LOCKED with my keys snuggly sitting inside my purse! Way to go brilliant!!

The lesson learned today...DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PURSE IN THE CAR ANYMORE!!!

So, new plan for the afternoon...sit at home being annoyed that I can't run my errands!!! Hoperully my annoyed state will wear off by the time the kids wake up.

P.S. The Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle blog is up and running. If anyone that expressed interest did not receive an invite to the blog...please let me know. Also, it is not too late if you are interested. If you don't know what I am talking here.


jill marie said...

Oh, NOOOO, Amy. I SO have done that... one day I was supposed to be taking Alli to a birthday swim party... I took her outside to spray her with the aerosol sunscreen...and locked myself out... kid in bathing suit, me with wet head and no shoes on... Jeff an hour away at work. hmmm. Irritated was an understatement.

I hope your day got better... it is no fun having your plans change.

Kelly said...

That sucks.

But everyhting happens for a reason.
MAybe the store was outof milk, maybe they ran out of allergy shot juice (lol). Anyway try to take it easy because you never know what would have happened.

Megan said...

Ugh that really sucks!