Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Prayer Request...and a few other things

I want to start this post out with a prayer request from those of you who pray. My grandfather has been falling a lot lately, so he went to the doctor. It is not official yet, as far as I know, but initial tests are leading to a diagnosis of bone marrow cancer. My understanding is that there is no cure, but treatment (chemo and radiation) may be an option. I know that his age (82) is going to be a factor in all of this as well. Anyway, please pray for my grandparents and family as we face this trying time. My grandfather is such a sweet man and we all love him so.

I also want to mention that since my post about Brayden being sick all the time (you can view it here) things have improved tremendously. The changes that I have made are adding a daily vitamin and enforcing more regular handwashing. In fact, Layna had a very minor cold recently and Brayden DID NOT catch it. I couldn't believe it. Of course, now I am afraid I might be jinxing everything by posting this...let's hope not. Thanks again everyone for all of the advice!!!

Lastly, here are some photos from our Labor Day weekend. The first three photos are of the kids in their matching Disney Cars PJs. The PJs were on clearance at Target, so we wanted to buy some for Brayden. Brayden responded with "What about Layna?" when we asked him if he wanted the PJs. So, Layna got a set too.

We went to my Grandparent's house on Saturday. We met my parents for lunch first and then headed to Nana and Great Grandpa's house to play. The kids played in the pool; my mom, Layna and I headed to the outlet mall for a bit...found some great deals; and we had pizza for dinner. It was a very nice and relaxing time.



Megan said...

Your photos are adorable as always.

I'm sorry about your Grandpa. I really wish we could find a cure for cancer. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

Stacy said...

Yes, I will start praying!


Ruthanne said...

I will absolutely pray for your Grandpa.
The pictures of the kids are adorable (as usual).

Christina said...

Praying for your grandfather and your family.

Kelly said...

I am keeping your grandpa in my prayers.

I love these pics. Also wanted to tell you to have a great time with Tina & Co., LUCKY DUCKS!!!!

Christine said...

The picture withGrandpa and your son is really sweet. I hope he gets a handle on the falling, but at that age, my own grandparents started doing the same thing. My little one has been sick twice in the last month--- it is the pits. I might try a vitamin too.

jill marie said...

I will pray!

Your kids are so cute... I love the Navy Pier pics, too!