Monday, July 14, 2008

Backyard pool time!

We signed the kids up for swimming classes recently. Brayden does not enjoy the classes very much. I signed up for outdoor classes at 9:00, it tends to be a bit chilly. I think if it were warmer, he would enjoy himself a little more. Anyway, he is learning though...he absolutely LOVES to play in his kiddie pool in the backyard now. He also seems FEARLESS with is good and bad depends on the way you look at it.

Layna is pretty indifferent about it all. She tolerates the classes and tolerates swimming in the pool in the backyard. However, she is content to stand outside the pool and splash with her hands. She doesn't hate it, but wouldn't miss it if we didn't do it.

Here are some pictures from out last backyard pool adventure (in no real particular order) as well as a video montage of the kiddos playing in the pool.

Peek-a-boo! I see you!

Both kiddos...together...looking...and not beating each other up!!! YEAH!!! I really like this one.

Yes...she's cute, and she knows it!

Brayden practicing his "swimming"! Scoop, scoop, scoop, kick, kick, kick...

There's an airplane in the sky mommy!

I will NOT let go of your MUST be in the picture! Cute photo minus the foot...ugh!

Splash, splash, splash! Who needs to get in the pool when you can just stand on the side and splash?

Thanks for putting the slide in the pool's sooooo much fun!

Just a random shot that turned out pretty cute!

Brayden jumpinging off the slide! Fearless...purely fearless!

I am so pretty!

More splash, splash, splash...again, why would I want to get in???

Brayden and Layna playing cooperatively for a moment! So sweet!


Brayden jumping up and splatting down into the pool...

On a side note...there is no update on Layna yet. We were at the doctor today for Brayden's ear recheck. I asked if the EKG results were in yet, and they were not. The dr said he would call when they are in. I will post when I know what is going on. Scroll down a bit if you missed my last post...then, this side not will make more sense to you.


Tina said...

Soooooooo CUTE!!!

Megan said...

Cute photos. I hope you get some news soon.

Braedensmommy said...

OMG...These are the cutest pictures EVER!!! I LOVE them! Could Layna be any cuter and chunkier???

Leslie said...

Wow that looks like fun! Abby wont go in her pool..Maybe if she had a playmate that would be different!