Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy 4th Anniversary Brayden. On August 23, 2006 Brayden Carlos came home to be with our family forever. I could type for hours to try to express the feelings I felt on that joyous day, but it is very difficult to put into words. My fellow adoption families all know and have felt the feelings I am referring to. I can only imagine that the feelings are similar to that of the day a woman gives birth. As many of you know, Brayden's journey home was not the easiest for me. I had to let go of control and just wait...are you kidding me! I am a control FREAK. The whole process brought on so mnany emotions...happiness, sadness, frustration, joy, excitement, jealousy, hopelessness, hopefulness, helpless, relief to name just a few. I was nowhere near prepared for the roller coaster ride that our journey was, and will never forget it either. However, it is all a distant memory as we enjoy our times with him. He has brought so much life to our family. He is funny, goofy, silly, challenging, kind, friendly, inquisitive, energetic (which is an understatement), loving, helpful, creative, smart, frustrating, sassy, independent, etc... etc... etc... I can't imagine life without him and can barely remember life before him. He is 100% Daddy's boy and Matt loves it. He is and always will be my monkey boy (literally and figuratively) and I love him with all my heart. Feel free to click on the links to photo slide shows set to music that I created from all of the different trips we took to visit and then pick up our baby boy. I still can't watch them without crying.

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