Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Fun!

I am happy to report that my camera has survived yet another drowning incident. I accidentally left it outside overnight and, or course, it rained. After several days of drying out, it seems to be working just fine. So, here are some new pictures!

Our first pool playtime of the season. It went well until Sydney decided to bite the inflatable pool! I had a feeling it was going to happen, and probably should have left Sydney in the house/crate. You live and you learn, right?


The first official test photos after the camera drowning incident!


You can't really tell in these pictures, but the pool has been replaced with a puppy proof, noninflatable kind. I love the pic of Sydney...if you look closely, her tongue is sticking out.


Brayden's first day of VBS (vacation bible school)! The kids love eating their breakfast riding in the wagon while I get a nice workout pulling them to the church.


More pool pictures! My kiddos sure do love their pool time and popsicles. It was nice to get out in the pool a few times...the rest of the week is projected to be rainy and a bit cooler. So, back to indoor activities for a bit.


Emma said...

WOW! Hooray for your camera's nine lives!! :) Beautiful pics of beautiful kiddos!!

merkley4 said...

It looks liek the kids are having a blast with the pool... and the new puppy too!! I am impressed with Malayna's bangs... they have grown out quickly!!

Becca said...

Love the summer pics!

Peace and Hugs,

Hannah said...

Why do dogs always go for the pool? I am glad you replaced it with a puppy proof pool!

Great pictures, now I have a craving for one of those Popsicles too!

Becky B said...

Love the pics! Don't know how I missed this blog update. The pool looks like so much fun....I'm longing for a yard of my own...ahhhh.... :)

Leslie said...

OK im back from vacation..IM SLOWLY catching up on my bloggin life! lol

Hugs and love the pics!

Doreen said...

Sweet pictures!!!