Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We had a GREAT (and busy) weekend and some BIG NEWS!!!!

We had a WONDERFUL weekend that started off early with a playdate with Henry and Claudia, my friend Becky's children. Then, that evening Matt come home from his week long business trip. Boy was I tired snd happy to see him when he walked through the door! The children were equally excited to see him as well. Brayden asked about daddy regularly throughout the week.

Saturday, we were off to my friend Becky's house for her son Henry's 3rd birthday party...unfortunately, I did not take any pics! The weather was nice and we had a great time watching Brayden and Layna play with all the children. Happy Birthday Henry! After the party, I was off to a scrapbooking night with a couple of my girlfriends, Megan and Alycia. A MUCH needed evening away! Thanks Megan and Alycia for a nice night of conversation and scrapbooking.

Sunday, we headed to Rockford for our friends Jen and Brad's daughter Kaitlyn's 1st birthday party. Again, the weather was great and the kids had a blast. There was a giant blow up jumpy thing which Brayden spent A LOT of his time in. In fact, Layna even spent some time in it as well. We don't see Jen and Brad as often as we would like, so we were VERY happy to attend the party.

On Monday, my Grandma and Grandpa hosted a BBQ at their house. Again, unfortunately I did not take any photos at this event either! UGH! Anyway, the rain stayed away and we all enjoyed a great meal and great company! Thanks Grandma for a great time.

BIG NEWS!!! Tonight...Layna started taking 4-5 steps independently with some confidence. She has been walking very well while holding onto things or someone's hands, but didn't seem confident enought to take steps on her own. Well, she is finally doing it. We are so proud, and before we know it we will be chasing after her too.

So, here are some photos from our busy weekend...

Claudia is SOOOOOO big!!!

Henry concentrating very hard while playing with one of Brayden's toys.

A cute moment caught on camera between Claudia and Brayden.

Layna being cute...as usual!

Kaitlyn, the birthday girl!!! Happy Birthday!

Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump....

Brayden driving with Dom, a friend he met at the party.

Layna and Kate playing bean bags together. They really looked like they had a plan that they were executing together.

Just a random black and white photo taken while waiting for Dada to come home from his business trip.

YEAH!!! Dada is home!!! We were all VERY happy to see him, and...

...he brought ICE CREAM!!!

During the week, we had a playdate with my friend Megan and her daughter Abby. Here are some photos from our trip to the park.

Swinging at the park by Abby's house.

Blowing dandelions and walking home from the park.


Braedensmommy said...

Sooo cute, Amy! I absolutely love Layna's bangs! You guys look so very happy! We are doing well...four kids is HARD work but I am managing!

Tina said...

Oh how cute they are! And YEAH Layna! We are still in the furniture crusin stage here and I hope for a few more months. I'm not ready fo both of them to runaway from me. lol.

Becky said...

Great pictures! What a great weekend you had...so glad you could all be there for Henry's party--I'll email you some of the pics of your babies, but some are up on the blog, too. :)


Megan said...

Cute pictures! Yay for Layna and the walking! I can't wait to see.

ellasmommy said...

Cute pictures! Love the swing pictures...their faces are adorable! My baby girl just started taking steps this weekend, too! Isn't it exciting??? Go Layna!


Milk Mama said...

Those are great photos! Congrats on Malayna taking her first steps!!! She is so precious! I think I want to squeeze her, too! :D