Friday, March 28, 2008

Readoption Day

Wednesday, March 26th was Layna's readoption day. So, it was off to downtown Chicago we went. My mom also came with us for the big day. We got downtown a bit early so that we could do lunch. So, we ate at California Pizza Kitchen before heading to the courthouse. Everything went very smoothly. I actually laughed afterwards because all the judge did was chit chat with us and make small talk. He didn't ask anything really "official" other than asking Matt what he does for a living and asking where Brayden was from. It was very simple and low key. The best news is that we actually came home with a camera!!! Some of you may remember that we lost our camera on Brayden's readoption day, so we have no pictures to document his big day. are the captions today!

So, now, Brayden and Layna have been tagged. I have to list 10 things about each child and then tag 10 friends. I hope I can find 10 that have not been tagged yet. Anyway here goes...


1. Brayden LOVES Shrek! We actually made a cd of the beginning song played over and over and over again. He requests the cd every time we are in the car.

2. Brayden prefers to be naked. More times than not, you could come to my house and find him running around in his underwear!

3. Everyone (adults that is) is "at work." He knows that dada is at work during the day, so Brayden often tells me that "Grandma is at work" and "Grandp is at work" and well you get the idea. Everyone is at work in Brayden's world...except mommy that is.

4. We are using mini M&Ms as a reward for going poo-poo in the potty right now. So, Brayden finds it necessary to tell everyone he sees that he gets chocolate for going poo-poo in the potty. Recently, he told our server at IHOP and his doctor...quite funny.

5. Brayden loves looking at photos and identifying all of the people in the pictures.

6. Brayden cracks himself up...he often forces himself to fake laugh which turns into full blown belly laughing. I have a video of it that I need to post one of these days.

7. Brayden does not like bugs.

8. Brayden loves baseball. He will turn anything he can into a baseball empty paper towel tube, a pencil, his fork, etc...

9. If Brayden could live outside, he would. He loves to be outside.

10. Brayden is NOT a morning person. We avoid having to wake him at all me, it is not a pretty sight. He needs time to wake up and adjust to his new day.


1. Layna is a mommy's girl. She does not like when mommy puts her down or leaves the room.

2. Layna wants to do everything her big brother is doing. If she can't she gets very upset.

3. Layna loves to eat and gets very offended if someone is eating something and does not offer her some. She will let you know that she wants some very loudly!

4. Layna puts absolutely EVERYTHING in her mouth. I am constantly fishing things out which often leads to her biting my finger!

5. Layna wakes up with some very crazy bedhead!

6. Layna is a ham for the camera. She puts on a very cheesy grin with squinty eyes whenever she sees a camera.

7. Layna shares most of her meals with our on each side of the high chair.

8. Layna's favorite place to play is in the dogs' water bowls and food bowls.

9. Layna LOVES bath time.

10. Layna is her own person. She wants what she wants, when she wants it. We have royalty on our hands! LOL

I am tagging...

Toby and Lili

I know it isn't quite 10, but so many people have already been tagged.

So, you made it to the end of my SUPER long post...congrats.


Ruthanne said...

Congratulations on the re-adoption!! Love the pictures.
We're headed down there in June.

Thanks for the tag. ;)
I'll post Andrew's 10 things tonight or tomorrow.

Megan said...

I love the picture of Brayden's sunglasses upside down.