Friday, March 14, 2008

Fave Foto Friday!

In addition to the photos...I want to share a couple of cute Brayden-isms. He is talking soooo much lately, and some of his words don't quite come out right. Here is a translation list of some of the cute things that Brayden says...

Woodles (noodles)
Chicken Wuggets (chicken nuggets)
Eyebrowns (eyebrows)
Bayden (Brayden)
Mada (combo of mama and dada...often directed at dada)

I always say I want to write these things, now they are documented. I know there are more, but I can't think of any more right now. I will update this post as I remember more of Brayden's words.


Marcia said...

Those two are too adorable! It's great that you are making note of his isms because one day they will disappear...Remember when Zach M. used to say "hey, Wiv!," to Olivia(Aidan's sister)? Memories...Have a Happy Easter now that all your little duckies are safe in their home!

Ruthanne said...

Too cute, Brayden!! Love the pictures of the two of them!!

Jennifer said...

I love Layna's pony tails! And the "Braydenisms" are great! It's a great idea for you to write these down, because kids change so fast it's hard to remember what happened a week ago, let alone years ago. This blog will give you lots of memories later on!

--Jennifer (Daniel's mom)