Monday, January 7, 2008

My rashy kids!!!

I had to post this...I can't believe the similarities!

Shortly after Brayden came home we went to the doctor because he was sick. He had a minor ear infection which the pediatrician prescribed Amoxicillin (sp?) for. Shortly after starting the antibiotic, Brayden broke out into a rash that worsened day after day for about 4 days. We suspected the antibiotic, but even after stopping the antibiotic, the rash worsened. It didn't look like a typical "antibiotic rash" said our pediatrician. But, to be on the safe side, we started a different antibiotic. Finally, when Brayden's cheeks turned bright red and were VERY warm to the touch, the pediatrician diagnosed the rash as Fifths disease.

Fast forward to Malayna's home coming. Shortly after coming home, Malayna spiked a fever of about 102. So, we took her to the doctor. The doctor prescribed her Amoxicillin for a very minor ear infection. Shortly after starting the antibiotic, we started noticing a rash...note the similarity. After talking to the pediatrician, he did not think it was an antibiotic allergy, but a viral rash/fever rash. We stopped the antibiotic anyway to be safe. The rash worsened day by day for a few days and then started to look better.

It felt like deja vu...of course I took pictures of both kiddos with their rashes.


Megan said...

I am kind of shocked that the doctor didn't think it was a penicillin allergy.

Braedensmommy said...

Hi, Amy!
Well, so was it a antibiotic allergy for Malayna? That is crazy. I LOVE the picture of Brayden when he was a baby, though. Wow...time flies!