Monday, January 28, 2008

The Final Tally

Well, whatever bug hit our family really did a number on ALL of us! Matt and I finally got ourselves to the doctor today. All four of us are now on antibiotics and other various are the standings...

Mommy...sinus infection and ear infection
Daddy...ear infection and bronchitis
Brayden...sinus infection
Layna...croop (sp.)

Now that we are all being medicated...I hope to report that we are feeling better soon! Once I am feeling better, it will be time to seriously DISINFECT our house. I did the basement today, and now I need a nap!

Thanks for reading about our sick's been a tough week! I am glad to know that we should all be feeling better very soon.


Guate4Jack said...

Sorry everyone is so sick! I hope for a speedy recovery!

Becky and Jack

Becky said...

I hope you are all feeling better soon! Has the acidophilus tabs been helping Brayden? I swear by them. You better rest up b/c you know what tomorrow is....LOST!!!! Get that sleep, sister. It's gonna be good!

Braedensmommy said...

We had that a few weeks ago! I hope you are all feeling better very soon!!!

Todd, Amy and Evan said...


Thanks for checking out our blog. Yes, I do remember meeting you, your husband and your son in August 2006 at the Marriott in Guatemala City. You were just finishing up the process and taking Brayden home while we were still in ours.

From your blog, it looks like you went for round two and now have your hands full.

Sorry to hear the everyone is sick, but hope you feel better. We have some of the sick bugs on our end.