Sunday, September 23, 2007

Video footage of Malayna from our recent visit trip to Guatemala

I brought the video footage from our visit with Malayna in Guatemala to our local Wolf Camera to be transferred to DVD. This way I can upload the footage to the computer and edit it...blah, blah. blah. Well, when we uploaded the DVD we discovered that Wolf Camera created these short and cute video montages set to music. I still plan to do some editing to the raw footage myself, but I thought you all might like to see these as well. Just click on the links below and enjoy!

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Candy said...

DID you have Braydens PASSPORT??? I am going to visit my SON on THUR but hubby is staying home with Kya because we have no PASSPORT for her yet??? Hugs Candy and Kya Blu

Love the VIDEOS...guess I will be going to the WOLF CAMERA store soon...hehe...Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL