Monday, February 15, 2010

The Dells and things!

Well, time has flown by again and I am not remembering to update my blog. Well, here I am! In an effort to save time, I am only posting my Dells photos to Facebook (I will include the link), but here are a few more photos from playing around the house. First, the kids enjoyed doing some "cooking" with each other...all dressed up and everything. Then, of course, Sydney has to make an appearance on the blog. I included a sweet shot of Brayden playing with Sydney. He loves Sydney, but rarely takes time out to play with her and enjoy her. Layna is usually the one playing with Sydney NONSTOP! Next, the kiddos enjoyed some time playing in a bucket of soapy water. Again, Sydney had to get in the middle and didn't seem to understand why she couldn't play too! She was too funny. Last, but not least, Brayden has discovered that he can climb the pole in our basement...ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!!! I swear this boy is part monkey. Enjoy the pictures!

Here is the link to the Dells photos on Facebook!


Leslie said...

geez where have you been? Love the pics and looks like you guys are having some serious fun!

Becky B said...

Brayden being at the top of that pole is not surprising to me in the least! Love all the pics.