Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Things are looking up...(and this will be my FFF post)

Edited...I posted this on Thursday, but decided to use it as my FFF post as well. The theme was supposed to be dancing, but we have all been so sick there hasn't been any dancing at our house. I also don't have time to look back into the archives...So, enjoy as the FFF post!!!

Both Layna and Brayden are starting to feel better. Sleep is improving, appetites are improving and moods are improving! What a relief! We are going to continue to stay home and keep things low key for several more days. We have even decided to lay low for the holiday weekend. Of course, I am upset about all the great photo opportunities we are going to miss...but their health is more important. We will have plenty more July 4ths to celebrate in the future.

Here are some photos from today's backyard playtime and a short video montage from backyard playtime last week. In the video you will be able to see Layna walking...she is quite a pro now, even picking up speed now! We are so proud of our little princess.

Pictures, really???

Deep in thought and exploration...

Hanging like a monkey!

Could she be any cuter hamming it up for the camera???

Both kiddos are very busy playing nicely next to each other!!! A fantastic moment!!!

Blowing pretend bubbles...I don't mix sand and bubbles! That would be a mess I am not interested in cleaning up! LOL

Just a quiet moment investigating the sand all over her sweet!

I am exploring different settings on my camera still...this is the "vivid colors" setting. I LOVE how all the colors pop in this photo.

One of Layna's many different facial expressions...I got the idea from another blog to try and catch different facial expressions on camera. It's not as easy as it sounds.

Brayden can't seem to keep his hands out of his mouth with the recent sickness. His throat has REALLY been bothering him. Hopefully another day or two and it will feel all better again.

Another silly face!

Looking off into the distance...another cute shot.

And Lastly...the video!


Megan said...

Glad that everyone is on the mend.

Tina said...

Yeah!! I'm glad you all are doing better. I'm sure you guys can create your own fun....sometimes that s better anyway.

Kathy said...

So glad everyone is feeling better. Brayden looked so miserable in your last post. Poor little guy. Adorable pictures playing in the sandbox. Have a great lowkey 4th!!

Becky said...

Happy to hear the progress! And enjoy your time together at's always the best place to be! :)

Robyn said...

How cute!! Glad everyone is feeling better!!


ale said...

Glad to know the kids are doing better :)

Becca said...

I am so relieved to hear that everyone is feeling better. Nothing is scarier than sick kids - and yours really know how to do it up big, don't they?? Whew -those high fevers freak me out.

Peace and Hugs,

Leslie said...

Those are really nice pics..the kids look great! I love playing around with my camera too!

My 13 year old is sick with Pneumonia so i feel your pain!

Have a nice 4th!

Kim & Dave said...

So precious!

I love the BIG smiles!!!

Glad you're feeling better!

Katie said...

so cute !!

One Busy Momma said...

Glad the kiddos are feeling better and hope they are fully healed soon!!!
Glad that all of you were able to enjoy some of the nice weather this week!!!


JuJu - said...

gorgeous children:):)
great pics:)

Sarah said...

Love the pictures of your adorable kiddos! Hope everybody is feeling better!