Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh Where Oh Where Could My Baby Be

Oh Where Oh Where Could She Be???

Well we arrived in Guat yesterday around 2:30, rushed to get our luggage and get to the hotel so we could get our baby girl. It is now 7:30 AM on Monday and we have no idea where our baby is. She was not brought to us last night, and we have no idea when she will be brought to us. I am in contact via e-mail with our NY attorneys trying to figure out what is going on. I also got my hands on our Guat attorney's phone numbers. So, if need be, we will use them a little later.

Can you sense the frustration and disappointment in my post. I am praying to find out what is going on very soon!!! I will post as soon as we hear something or our baby girl is in our arms.

Now, what to do in a hotel??? This is awfully boring as well! UGH!

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Braedensmommy said...

Amy, I would be DYING! Just remember...this happened to me TWICE with Braeden. I was panic stricken but it all worked out. Please post again once you have her so I know all is well!